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Personal Vitamin Kit


with other vitamins in a single order.

Shipping is FREE to most European countries with courier delivery (2-4 working days)!!!**

DHL Express delivery (within 24 hours) is €12.5 for most European countries*

* Express delivery (24 hours) to ALL EUROPEAN COUNTRIES is FREE!!!

Orders placed before 12 p.m will be delivered the next business day before 12 p.m.
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* Greece - delivery only with free DHL
Ukraine - free with a courier (7-10 days)
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan;- €10
Russia - €0
Belarus, Moldova - €15

We do not sell to UK, Italy and Hungary.
New Vital Life is an official distributor of VitalBulk in Europe.
We sell the full range of VitalBulk products both domestically and internationally.


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