Barleygrass Powder, Organic (200g)

Barleygrass Powder, Organic (200g)


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Barleygrass powder is made from the dried and powdered leaves of the young Barley plant. It is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is nick-named the "blood of the plants", and is roughly equal to a glycated hemoglobin molecule.

Consider the composition: This similarity is what allows chlorophyll, when it enters our body, to carry oxygen to our cells, replenishing, alkalizing and purifying them, removing toxins and waste materials of metabolism, and depositing nutrients.

Iswari Barleygrass is grown in fertile organic soils, where it can uptake 90 of the 102 existing minerals. In this form, wheat finally lives up to its reputation as the "staff of life". It is the connector between the human organism and life supporting soil of the Earth.

As well as chlorophyll, Barleygrass is considered one of the richest plant sources of:

• Protein, containing all essential amino acids.
• Vitamins (A, B-group {including B12}, C E and K)
• Minerals including magnesium, calcium, iron and many more.
• Dietary Fibre

This makes it:

• Extremely detoxifying
• Alkalising
• Supportive to organs such as the colon, liver, kidneys, heart and brain.
• Nourishing, rebuilding and repairing.

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We are not the first ones to discover the health giving properties of Barleygrass. It has been recognized for thousands of years as a healing plant, and used by healing centers around the world to combat illnesses such as cancer, diabetes and obesity, with incredible results.

We advise you to take Barelygrass twice a day, at breakfast and before bedtime. This will ensure that your body rejuvenates with a dose of alkalinity early in the day, and detoxifies through the night more easily.

It has the advantage over home grown Barleygrass in that it has been grown outdoors in deep and healthy soil and therefore is able to tap into the minerals deep below the ground surface, and also build a natural immune system, in order to withstand the elements and natural environment. Wheatgrass powder has a naturally sweet taste and can simply be added to any juice or water. One tablesppon is equivalent to a shot of fresh Barleygrass juice.

Gluten content

Iswari Barleygrass has a very low gluten content. We cannot guarentee however that it contains less than legal threshold before which it can be called 'gluten free'. This threshold is set in Eurpoe at 20 parts per million. Iswari Barleygrass may vary in gluten content from batch to batch, but it's gluten content is usually around 20-25 parts per million.