Cacao Protein Bites Mix - 215g

Cacao Protein Bites Mix - 215g

Our Cacao Protein Bites Mix is gluten free and sugar free. This mix is easy to use with amazing results! These delicious bites will keep in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 5 days, so are perfect for mid-week snacking. 

For 16 delicious protein bites just add:

  • 12-14 dates
  • Or
  • 3 dessertspoons of maple + 20g coconut oil

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Additional Information

All our clean ingredients:

    • Gluten Free Oats*
    • Coconut Sugar
    • Ground Almonds
    • Cacao Powder
    • Sodium Bicarbonate

 *Oats used in this product are gluten free and have been specifically produced, prepared, and processed in a way to avoid contamination with gluten.